Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night - and a Beginning for me

Tomorrow night I intend to dedicate myself to the path of the study of Paganism, for a year and a day, while honouring the Celtic gods (well, mainly goddesses) whose worship I've been beginning to explore for a while (but far too half-heartedly, so far). I'll also consecrate the tools I've been gathering (some of which I've also been using, but again, not very well). From hereon in, I'm not doing anything half-heartedly anymore. I'm fairly sure that any kind of self-dedication doesn't need to happen *until* you've been studying for a year and a day - but if I don't mark some kind of a beginning, I'll never properly set off on this road. So I won't promise anything to the gods. I'll just introduce myself to them, ask for their help and guidance on this journey, and honour them.

Part of me feels pretentious and stupid for posting this, but another part knows that if I don't share this with the bloggers and online community from whom I've been learning so much, I'll feel like I'm totally alone. When I'm not - I'm deeply connected to the Universe, which is opening my eyes to what's been happening to me for maybe the past ten years. I've just been far, far too limited to see it.

And this full moon and lunar eclipse feels like a stunning, powerful time to mark my first solid steps on the path to Paganism. I've heard the Divine calling. Who am I to ignore that?


  1. There is so much in Christianity and Paganism that is deeply similar. I look forward to reading about your journey.

  2. Thank you, Lisa :) I'm really enjoying your blog.